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This year's reunion was one of the smallest, if not the smallest one I've attended. For those of you who missed this year's reunion, you missed an excellent one. On Friday, we not only visited the brand new National Infantry Museum, we also attended the Graduation Ceremony for two companies of brand new Infantry Soldiers. It was a pleasure to see tomorrow's Infantry Soldiers finish their training and be recognized as part of the best Military ever. The grandstand was overflowing with their families and friends. It was really something to see.

The Museum is almost beyond words. Organized by eras, the galleries are both high-tech and personable. Not only do you get the overall story, but you also get to learn about individuals. Having a guided tour led by a museum curator really made it special. You not only got the see the exhibits, but in many cases, the stories behind the exhibits. For me the highlight of the museum was 'The Last 100 Yards Ramp.'

Since its formation in 1775, it has been said that the United States Army Infantry has owned "the last 100 yards" of the battlefield. After the Armor and Air support have completed their mission, it is the Infantryman's job to face the enemy bayonet to bayonet. A gently sloped ramp contains life-sized dioramas depicting significant battles in the Infantry's history, including Yorktown, Antietam, Soissons, Normandy, Corregidor, Soam-Ni, LZ X-Ray, and Iraq.

At the Regimental Banquet on Saturday, we were able to welcome several soldiers from both 2-7 and 3-7. I would like to thank them for taking time out of their busy schedules to drive to Columbus from Fort Stewart and spend some time with us. We received briefings from both Battalions on what they have been doing for the last year and what is scheduled for the remainder of this year.

As part of the Regimental Banquet, LTG (Ret) John Le Moyne was recognized as the new Honorary Colonel of the Regiment and was presented with a Certificate from the Chief of Infantry. I know that John will be a great asset to the Battalions as the Honorary Colonel. I would like to thank MG (R) Dale Nelson for the work he's done as the previous Honorary Colonel. So if you happen to see John somewhere, please congratulate him.

Here are a few photographs from the reunion.

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