Photo Gallery - 2009 Reunion

Association members and guests met 14-17 May 2009 in Savannah, GA for the 2009 Reunion. Members of both Battalions, 2/7 and 3/7, were also in attendance. From all appearances, a great time was had by all. One of the highlights for me has to be the day we spent at Fort Stewart. Starting at the range watching the M1A1 Abrams tank and the Bradley firing at targets down range with both the tank’s main gun (boy was that LOUD!) and the Bradley’s 25mm chain gun was very impressive. The equipment displays and talking with the soldiers was also enjoyable.
After lunch, 2nd Battalion presented the Casey Award to SSG Johnny Merriweather. SSG Merriweather is assigned to E/2-7 IN. From talking with his Company Commander and listening to LTC Sierra, his Battalion Commander, he is a very impressive NCO and is highly deserving of this award. After the Award Ceremony, we were invited by MG Cucolo, the 3rd Infantry Division Commander to visit the Division’s Tactical Operation Center (DTOC). The DTOC is setup in some maintenance hangers and replicates what the 3rd Infantry Division Headquarters will move into when it redeploys to Iraq later this year or early next year. We were greeted by LTC Crissman, the Division G3 and former Commander of 2-7 Infantry and MG Cucolo. MG Cucolo briefed us on the Division’s area of responsibility and layout of the DTOC. After we moved into the DTOC, we were briefed on its operation and organization.
Saturday’s Regimental Banquet was a great success. The camaraderie between the members and the soldiers was impressive. It looked like everyone had a wonderful time. I have heard from several sources that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the banquet. To see not only the Officers and Senior NCOs but the Junior Enlisted at the Dinner was great.
Here are a few photographs from the reunion.

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